Office Timesheets Pricing

Quantity Price Per License Annual Maintenance
1-100 * $99.95 20% of license purchase **
101-250 $89.95 20% of license purchase
251-500 $79.95 20% of license purchase
501-1,000 $69.95 20% of license purchase
1,001-2,500 $59.95 20% of license purchase
2,500+ call for quote 20% of license purchase

*5 user initial minimum purchase (hosted Office Timesheets On Demand service is recommended for customers with fewer than 5 users).

Once initial purchase is made, licenses may be added in any quantity

** Minimum Annual Maintenance Upgrade & Protection Plan purchase is $399.80.

Office Timesheets On Demand Pricing - Per Month/Per User

Maintenance & support included with monthly hosted service contract

Product Description Version Quantity Per Item Line Total
Office Timesheets New User Licenses $0.00 $0.00
Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plan 0 $0.00
Order subtotal (sales tax will be added later, if in TX) $0.00

How many licenses of Office Timesheets do I need?

Office Timesheets is licensed per defined User. This means that each User that is set up and created within Office Timesheets requires a license. For a more detailed explanation of licensing please see Additional Details.

Annual Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plan

The Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plan for Office Timesheets is an annual plan inclusive of technical support assistance and product upgrades. The plan is optional, however for only pennies per day, it is the least expensive way to ensure that you have access to knowledgeable Office Timesheets technicians and that your Office Timesheets software is continually kept up to date and current with new technology.

Accepted Methods of Payment

* Visa
* MasterCard
* American Express
* Discover
* Company check
* Purchase Order (for orders of $1,500 or greater, requires pre-approval)
* Wire transfer (for order of $1,500 or greater, requires pre-approval)

Government, Not-for-Profit, & Educational Pricing

Upon verification of eligible status, government, not-for-profit, and educational institutions are eligible for a 10% discount off of the above published volume discounts for software licenses only. The 10% does not apply to Annual Maintenance fees.

Return Policy

Lookout Software provides a 30-day fully functioning free trial version of Office Timesheets On Demand (hosted by Lookout Software LLC) as well as the most current version of Office Timesheets for a self-installed environment. Regardless of the specific version of Office Timesheets trial selected, it is the sole responsibility of the prospective Office Timesheets user to avail themselves of the Office Timesheets free trial-period and the free trial technical support prior to purchase. In light of our liberal free trial policy, the following refund / return policies are in effect for the Office Timesheets product-line

Office Timesheets On Demand (Hosted by Lookout Software LLC)

The Office Timesheets On Demand trial version is provided through a hosted trial account at http://www.officetimesheets.com/Trial/HostingRegister. When the Office Timesheets On Demand 30-day trial period has expired, the account will be suspended on our servers. All data previously entered prior to the expiration of the hosted trial account will be retained for no longer than 90 days. At any time during this 90 day period, the suspended Office Timesheets On Demand account may be reactivated without any loss of data. The sole means of reactivating a suspended trial account is via purchase. After 90 days, if an Office Timesheets On Demand free trial account has not been activated via purchase, all account information and all associated databases and data will be permanently removed from our servers. Once Office Timesheets On Demand is purchased, the account will be automatically activated and monthly billing cycles will begin (the first month’s fees are pro-rated). The Office Timesheets On Demand accounts are billed on a recurring basis on the first of each month, resulting in pre-payment for the entire month. You may decrease or add licenses at any time, but the license fees are non-refundable. If you choose to decrease your license count, you will have access to your full license count until the end of the current billing cycle. The next monthly billing invoice will reflect your new license count. If you choose to add licenses, you will be automatically billed at a pro-rated rate for the new license fees, and the next monthly billing invoice will reflect your new license count.

Office Timesheets (Self-installed, self-hosted versions)

The Office Timesheets self-installed trial version is available for download at http://www.officetimesheets.com/Trial/Download. Once the Office Timesheets self-installed version is purchased, a digital license key is provided which converts the temporary free self-installed trial of Office Timesheets into a permanently licensed product. After the Office Timesheets digital license key is obtained, the purchase of Office Timesheets is non-refundable. Refunds requested prior to the license key activation may be subject to a 25% processing fee. For consideration in-line with the above refund policy, all requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of original purchase. All refund requests in excess of 30 days from the date of purchase will be denied