A Timesheet Solution Built Specifically for Your Organization

Office Timesheets adapts to your organization’s terminology, rules and workflow. In fact, many of our customers frequently comment that, once installed and setup, Office Timesheets feels like a timesheet management system that’s been designed and coded just for them. If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement, custom-tailored timesheet solution that won’t break your budget, then you’ve just found the right solution: Office Timesheets!

Timesheets Management
Office Timesheets employs familiar, easy-to-use, timesheet interfaces utilizing your terminology making timesheet entry, submission and approval a breeze. Multiple view types are available including Day, Sheet Grid, Time Clock, and Entry List views allowing users to track time for one or a combination of purposes like client billing, internal chargeback, project costing, payroll, grant management, regulatory compliance, and more.

Expense Management
Expense entry is included in all versions of Office Timesheets. We make expense entry and submission easy and fast, and include the ability to attach receipts to expenses. Utilize custom flags to separate billable/non-billable, chargeable/non-chargeable, reimbursable/non-reimbursable expenses and more.

Time Billing
Office Timesheets Time Billing edition is the most affordable and versatile time billing solution on the planet! You can create invoices that include both summary and detail level time, expense and flat fee billing information; a cover sheet; customizable headers and footers; and so much more. We’ve taken customer’s painful, hair-pulling, invoice processes that take 2-3 days (or even more), and cut them down to a calm and breezy 30 minutes!

Custom Approval Workflow
Office Timesheets time and expense submission adapts to your required work flow. Quickly and easily build a single or multi-level approval workflow that incorporates email-based reminders and notifications.

Mobile Timesheets
Included in Office Timesheets is mobile time, expense and manager approval interface, designed from the ground up to work with all modern mobile devices. Works on iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, Android-based tablets and even on PCs and Laptops. And, yes, it even works with Office Timesheets’ On-Premise installations!

Office Timesheets offer an unprecedented number of ways to report and analyze your time and expense data with four (4) built-in reporting tools: Summary Reports, Detail Reports, Detail Transactions and Pre-Built and customizable SQL Reporting Views. With Office Timesheets, you can slice and dice your timesheets data any way you like.

Office Timesheets offers comprehensive integrations with Sage 100, Sage Abra, Sage HRMS, Sage 300, QuickBooks Desktop Edition, Microsoft Project, ADP, Paylocity, ACCPAC Job Costing, TruePay, ADP, Payroll for Construction, Paychex and more. If you don’t see a product you need integrated with Office Timesheets on our list then give us a call and let’s see if makes sense to work with your vendor.

Importing and Export Data Time and Expense Data
Apart from application-specific integration, Office Timesheets includes a comprehensive CSV import/export facility. Our Import/Export tool includes a comprehensive field mapping editor, and the ability to save frequently used import/export settings as re-usable templates.

Affordable and Flexible Licensing
While everyone in the industry is pushing customers to the cloud, eliminating a customer’s ownership with no options for on-premise installation and lifetime ownership of the software and data, we remain steadfast and let you choose how you wish to license Office Timesheets. We even let customers migrate from the cloud to On Premise or vice-versa, anytime they wish. Most importantly, the choice of licensing is yours and not forced upon you.
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Office Timesheets has a diverse base of customers ranging from small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to Fortune 500 companies with installations in every major continent throughout the world.