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Quick Overview of Office Timesheets

Project or Job Based Timesheet Management

Office Timesheets is a web-based commercial employee time tracking and management timesheets software application designed for the specialized needs of project-driven organizations to track time and expenses for accurate accounting and job/project costing purposes, and real-time reporting and billing

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Project and/or Job Cost Management

At the core of Office Timesheets lay two primary functions: tasks and entries. Office Timesheets tasks (a.k.a. jobs) consist of up to 10 customizable Element Levels specific to your organization, and entries to define the data specific to these items including budget rates, budget hours, user defined status flags and more.

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Detail and Summary Level Reports and Analysis

Office Timesheets includes comprehensive reporting capabilities by utilizing three powerful reporting engines: Transaction Detail Reports, Summary Reports and Detail Reports.

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Time Billing Module with Comprehensive Time, Expense and Flat-Fee Invoicing

Stop wasting hours producing your professional service bills in Microsoft Word because your accounting application can’t produce the invoices needed to meet the contractual arrangements of you clients. Office Timesheets now offers a fully-integrated time billing and flat fee invoicing module with a powerful design templating system that allows unlimited invoice layouts and data presentation elements that no one else can. Those invoices that used to take you hours can now be created in minutes!

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Powerful 2-Way Sage 100, 300, HRMS and Abra Integrations

We offer time-tested and industry proven 2-way integrations with Sage 100, 300, HRMS and Abra. Our integrations modules are highly configurable right out of the box to give you organizations the fastest and best time tracking solutions for Sage 100, 300, HRMS and Abra that the industry has to offer.

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Two-Way QuickBooks Integration

Office Timesheets offers two-way integration with QuickBooks that synchronizes, among other things, employees, items lists, and time entries between the two applications.

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Microsoft Project Integration

Office Timesheets' Microsoft Project integration allows customers to use best-in-class applications for managing projects: Office Timesheets for time and expense tracking and analysis; and Microsoft Project for project planning and scheduling.

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PTO Request, Tracking, and Management

Built-in employee time off request management and accruals tracking.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On Integration

Easily configure Office Timesheets to integrate with your organization's Azure Active Directory.

Rest API

Our REST API gives your organization the flexibility to connect Office Timesheets to your existing applications and databases.

Office Timesheets

  • Touch-enabled controls designed specifically for Internet-enabled smartphone devices

  • Enter both time and expenses

  • Submit timesheets for manager approval

  • Managers can review, submit and approve employee timesheets

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Office Timesheets has a diverse base of customers ranging from small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to Fortune 500 companies with installations in every major continent throughout the world.